About Us

Tico (tee - koh) n. A person originating or living in Costa Rica and subscribing to the national slogan “Pura Vida” or literally, “Pure Life.”

Pure life. It means grasping for all of the real, authentic flavors and living an undiluted life. The tangy kiss a mojito or the sultry promise of a sangria. The seductive and exotic heat of tropical curry and brightness of mango.

Here’s where your journey at Ticoz begins. Inspired by the Tico’s themselves...

A chill, sexy lounge like atmosphere awaits you in uptown Phoenix. Step into our unexpected space where dark woods, leather and earth toned hues mingle with the heady scents of latin tropical fusion cuisine.

You will find the spirit of Central America, South America, Mexico and the islands. New twists and interpretations of old classics like enchiladas, tacos, tamales and even burgers. All this expressed in modern design.

Our intimate restaurant nestles against a lively bar and sultry patio. Ticoz is perfect for couples, large groups, friends in town or a secret rendezvous. We have options for the timid and the bold. Come in and enjoy our hip, diverse, urban crowd where everyone’s welcome and nobody looks the same. For over three years we’ve always had a place for You. Come enjoy our secret all over again. Pura Vida Style.


Open Tue-Thu 11am-10pm,Fri 11am-11pm,Sat 10am-11pm,Sun 10am-9pm

5114 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014 • 602-200-0160